Art. Over 40 years experience, still dumb as a doorknob. If it weren’t for God protecting him, he would have fallen off the loading dock and broken his chicken neck years ago. Never learned how to use the computer. RIP

Jamie. Over 20 years with the company and for over 20 years we’ve been trying to locate his wherabouts between 9am and noon. he seems to start just around lunchtime, eat, then returns home. You will have a better chance of catching Bin Laden than getting Jamie when you need him. Oh, wait…we got Bin Laden…well, there you go.

With the company since ’91, Jason is usually found re-designing kitchens, backyards, additions, anything but bearings. Has thought up and designed more way of changing his house than there are documents from World War II.

Lorrie. From her previous picture she appears to be wearing a Prussian Military helmet. Guess why? Has closed more past due accounts in the past 10 years than Donald Trump has gone bankrupt. Lost more than 50% of our business.

Beade the ISO 9002 coordinator… a true blue employee!

RIP, Beade

Chewy for web

Chewy has taken over Beade’s responsibilities